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There’s the story that a manufacturer of elevators had complaints that their elevators were too slow. They ran multiple projects to improve their speed, with different levels of effectiveness, but the complaints remained. At one point, they wanted to initiate a new project to increase speed, and someone responsible in that project asked a fundamental question:

A: Why?
B: Why what?
A: Why do you want to make it faster?
B: Because the users and customers want it to be faster.
A: Why do they want it to be faster?
B: I don’t know… I suppose faster is better!
A: Why is it better?
B: Well… it’s a small box and people don’t have anything to do there, so they just get bored.
A: So, the goal is to prevent boredom rather than to increase speed!

So they added a mirror to the elevator! It kept people busy looking at themselves, and the interesting point is that they even thought the elevators had become faster, although it was at the same speed as before.

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