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Team members are also stakeholders and are therefore the subject of the previous domain. However, there are extra concerns for team members above what is covered in the stakeholder domain, and that’s the subject of this domain.

Remember that a project manager should pay attention to this domain for two different reasons:

  • There’s a set of social responsibilities and ethical behaviors expected from a project manager, regardless of their impact on the project.
  • Having a happier, more effective team is key to project success.

In other words, many of the things you do for the team also help the project, but that’s not the only reason you do them. Don’t seek justification when creating a safe and healthy environment for people, but do it as your ethical responsibility. See the positive impact on the project as a bonus.

This domain is a relatively open-ended one that you can expand based on your concerns and knowledge. We’re going to briefly talk about three main topics in this domain now: the structure of the team, team building, and leadership.

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