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NUPP principles

Now that we’ve explored the PMBOK 7 principles, let’s take a look at an alternative resource with a similar purpose: NUPP. NUPP stands for Nearly Universal Principles of Projects. It’s an open (non-proprietary) resource you can use to re-interpret other systems with more efficiency.

These are the NUPP principles:

  1. Prefer results and the truth to affiliations.
  2. Preserve and optimize energy and resources.
  3. Always be proactive.
  4. Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
  5. Don’t do anything without a clear purpose.
  6. Use repeatable elements.

So let’s have a brief look at these principles. The introduction to each principle is quoted directly from NUPP (, which is fine, because it’s an open resource and everyone’s allowed to use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes; i.e., there’s no copyright problem!

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