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PMBOK 7 principles

There are 12 principles in PMBOK 7:

  1. Be a diligent, respectful, and caring steward.
  2. Create a collaborative project team environment.
  3. Effectively engage with stakeholders.
  4. Focus on value.
  5. Recognize, evaluate, and respond to system interactions.
  6. Demonstrate leadership behaviors.
  7. Tailor based on context.
  8. Build quality into processes and deliverables.
  9. Optimize risk responses.
  10. Navigate complexity.
  11. Embrace adaptability and resiliency.
  12. Enable change to achieve the envisioned future state.

An element that can be considered missing in this list is ethics. There’s no item for ethics in this list because ethics is at a higher level of abstraction and applies to everything else. Regardless of how we formulate it, it’s essential to be mindful of ethics, and a good resource is the PMI’s Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct:

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